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Basic Kitchen Organization

Fundamental Kitchen Organization Food Processing Kitchen (Commissary Kitchen) - In enormous tasks, it is a kitchen for the preparing everything being equal, servings of mixed greens and natural products - Purpose: to wash strip and purify and cut every single crude item, increment sterile and clean gauges of a kitchen, lessen squander Cold/Pantry Kitchen (Garde Manger) - Produces all chilly food things †servings of mixed greens, dressings, cold platters, terrines, pates, sushi/sashimi, cheddar, fruits,etc. - If there is no in-house butchery, likewise answerable for preparing and parceling all meat, fish and fish things Butchery responsible for handling and dividing all meat, fish, and fish - In enormous activities, it will likewise create prepared meats and fish things, for example, frankfurters, smoked ham, cooked ham, smoked fish and fish, and so forth. Primary Kitchen - accountable for delivering hot dishes for the different outlets, hot fundamental sauces for all activities - If there is no dinner kitchen, it will likewise create the hot nourishment for feast and cooking capacities - May likewise give the staff food in specific tasks Banquet Kitchen - Generally, is a completing kitchen †a satellite kitchen for decorating, last sauces and administration - Large activities may have this as a full kitchenRestaurant Kitchen - Generally, completing kitchens, aside from claim to fame kitchens, for example, Western Fine Dining, Japanese, Chinese, and so on - Coffee Shop Classified here. Room Service Kitchen - Room administration food is by and large gave by singular eatery kitchens - Larger activities have a different room administration kitchen - Offer individually things from every one of their eateries Staff Canteen - Large tasks by and large have a little staff bottle - Partly bolstered by the primary kitchen, cold kitchen, and butchery. Baked good and pastry shop give sweets and breads.Pastry Kitchen - responsible for delivering a wide range of cool , warm and solidified treats (pralines, treats, sugar work, marzipan work, and so forth ) Bakery - accountable for every heating necessity, for example, breads, outside layers and mixtures. Kitchen Organization Chart Kitchen Brigade Corporate Chef - Highest situation for a culinary specialist in an inn network or chain of eateries. - Responsible for regulating measures in all inns/eateries in that chain - Creates new food idea thoughts for all lodgings or certain locales - Oversees new inns and remodels Executive (Chef de Cuisine) Administrative and operational obligation regarding all every day kitchen procedure on one inn - Ensures that all flexibly prerequisites for all tasks are set up - Develops and actualizes new menus, advancements and celebrations - Evaluates dependent on proposals, advances or excuses staff - Directly associates with dinner and deals and advertising to deliver exceptional menus for capacities or gatherings remaining in the inn - Updates the food and drink c hief - Responsible for the month to month food cost of his/her area of expertise Executive Sous Chef (Working Chef) - Immediate aide of the EC - Directly manages every single operational movement accountable for certain regulatory work, for example, obligation lists, assessment of his/her prompt subordinates, coordination for work set ups, or uncommon limited time arrangements. Sous Chef - Commonly accountable for an outlet kitchen or area - Run legitimately the everyday of outlet tasks - Directly organize with the Executive Sous-Chef - Responsible for provisions, appropriate staffing, and food quality - Appraise and meeting new staff and suggest advancements and excusal of staff. Segment Chef †Chef de Partie - Sauce Cook †Saucier oPrepares all meat, game, poultry, fish and warm hors d'oeuvres w/hot/warm sauces - Broiler Cook †Rotisseur All barbecued dishes, meals, and dishes that are stove simmered or profound fat seared - A la Carte Cook †Restaurteur oPrepares al a carte dishes - Fish Cook †Poissonier oRelieves the sauce cook from the arrangement of fish and fish dishes - Vegetable Cook †Entremetier oPreparation of soups, vegetables, potatoes, pasta, warm cheddar and egg dishes - Pantry Cook †Garde Manger oSupervises all cool food arrangements: Salads, cold canapé, dressings cold sauces, buffet platters and improvements. oIf there is no butchery, bones and segments all meat, game, poultry, and fish oResponsible for checking all chillers and coolers Butcher †Boucher de Cuisine oHandles meat, fish and fish, in the event that they are expertly prepared butchers, additionally get ready handled meats - Swing Chef †Chef Tournant oReliever for the Chefs de Partie and for the most part an accomplished culinary specialist - Duty Cook †Chef de Garde oFor eateries with a split move †remains on the job during the lean evening hours or late night hours - Dietitian †Dietetcien oAdvisory position †gets ready unique eating routine menus and ascertains healthy benefits for visitors with extraordinary necessities - Demi-Chef oPosition among majority and manager Stronger cook than a commis, yet not experienced enough to be a gourmet specialist de partie oTakes on administrative elements of culinary specialist de partie in their nonattendance - Staff Cook †Cuisinier pour le faculty oPrepares the suppers for the staff if there is a staff kitchen Pastry, Confisserie and Bakery - Pastry Chef †Patissier oPrepares cool, warm and solidified sweet dishes just as prepared things if there is no bakeshop in the activity oSupervises all essential fixing orders, assessment, recruiting and excusal of the staff oReports legitimately to the official culinary specialist, arranges with the official sous gourmet expert - Confisseur Prepares all fortes with chocolate and exceptional treats (petit-fours) oSpecialist in sugar and marzipan work - Chief Baker †Boulanger oResponsible for all bread a nd batter planning required by the cake and kitchen Cooking Methods and Techniques 14 Cooking Methods MethodWhere it’s doneTemperature BlanchingStove Deep-Fat FryerWater: 100 °C Oil: 130 °C-150 °C PoachingStove/OvenStove: 65 °C-80 °C Oven: 165 °C Boiling or SimmeringStoveBoiling: 100 °C Simmering: 95 °C †98 °C SteamingStove/Steamer100 °C †120 °C Deep Fat FryingDeep Fat Fryer170 °C †180 °CSauteing or Pan-FryingStove165 °C †200 °C GrillingGrill240 °C †190 °C Gratinate or Au GratinOven/Salamander240 °C †280 °C BakingOven130 °C †260 °C RoastingOven200 °C †220 °C Finishing: 180 °C Butter RoastingOvenStart: 140 °C Finish: 160 °C Braising/GlazingOven Meat Oven Vegetables Start: 200 °C Cook: 160 °C †180 °C Start: 140 °C Finish: 160 °C Glazing VegetablesStoveCook: 95 °C †98 °C StewingStove95 °C †98 °C Blanching - Cooking strategy used to pre-cook, cook or purify an element for another cooking technique or for conservation oAlternative technique for whitening in high temp water is steaming Method †can either be beginning with cold or boiling water or in oil - Why do we whiten: oTo clean and sterilize oTo crush chemicals oTo keep fixings from staying oTo improve the shade of fixings oTo pre-cook elements for another technique oTo pre-cook an element for safeguarding Poaching - For cooking delicate fixings which are high in protein at a low temperature (65 °C †80 °C) - Where do we poach: oOn the oven, in fluid oOn the oven, in a water shower oIn the broiler, in a water shower oIn a low/high weight liner in - How would we poach: oPoach, Floating in fluid oPoach in shallow Liquid Poach in a water shower with mixing oPoach in a water shower without blending - To forestall delicate meat parts, fish, egg and plans containing egg from being over cooked and broken separated Boiling or Simmering - Boiling or stewing beginning with cold water with a top oFor Dried Vegetables, Potatoes and vegetables oFor vegetable side dishes and soups (food things which are not fragile and don't change shape) oSo food can additionally assimilate water and soften quicker - Boiling and stewing without a top oFor vegetables and starch based plans, 98 °C †100 °C oVegetable side dishes, rice dishes, pasta dishes and eggs To accomplish fast breaking point so fixings cook quicker without inordinate loss of supplements and flavors - Simmering oFor stocks and soups, 95 °C †98 °C oSimmer with out a top to screen fluids oStocks and clear soups become shady when bubbled - Simmering beginning with heated water with a top oFor Meat, poultry, assortment meats, fowl oStews, tongue, bubbled hamburger, oThese fixings don’t should be observed as they are stewed and contain sauce oSimmer with a top to forestall exorbitant vanishing Steaming - For things that you normally poach, you can likewise steam Reduced cooking time with heat above 100 °C holds flavor, shading and supplements better - Food remains drier and can promptly be utilized for additional handling - Preserves fixing shape very well as there is no disturbance - Different sorts of fixings can be cooked simultaneously without retaining every others flavor - Disadvantage: there is no fluid to set up the sauce from Deep-Fat Frying - Meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, potato, organic products, mushrooms, baked goods - Done in plant fat (shortening) at 170 °C †180 °C - Basic guidelines in profound fat browning: oUse just warmth safe and non-frothy oils Ensure appropriate temperature at 170 °C †180 °C and never heat oil above 200 °C oIf not being used, turn fryer temperature down to 90 °C oNever season with salt or some other flavoring over the profound fat fryer oNever fry fish and cake things in a similar oil than different items oNever spread the profound fat fryer when being used oNever spread profound fat-seared nourishme nts as they become wet oEveryday, channel fryer oil and clean profound fat fryer to evacuate singing particles which have chosen the base of the fryer oNever use oil that froths and causes eye and lung bothering smoke at 180 °C Sauteing (Pan Frying) in a Stainless steel container Use a hardened steel skillet to deliver dish drippings oSo you can deglaze the container drippings oAdd flavor an

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Essay Structure - How to Form a Thesis

Essay Structure - How to Form a ThesisWriting a rhetorical analysis essay is a challenging yet very rewarding subject matter. It is more than just a kind of an essay but it is an amalgamation of a variety of types of essay. In the simple description, a thesis statement is used to put the points made in the essay that may be complex or highly technical. The thesis statement or the main body of the thesis makes an elaborate presentation of the various ideas and theories that are being put forth in the essay.To give emphasis to the points that the student has already laid out for them, a few more points are rhetorically analyzed and deduced into the principal ones. As the main body of the thesis is written, the student can start to write the footnotes to it. This helps the student see how each point goes along with the main body and it also allows the student to develop their own knowledge about the issues, thus thesis statement footnotes are writing and summarizing techniques that help the student to strengthen their knowledge of the topic.There are a variety of different kinds of thesis statements that have different points that the student needs to make. However, no matter what the kind of writing is, the purpose is always the same - to establish the central concept of the essay that the student is putting forth. The main point in writing an analysis essay is always to put the main idea out there and see how people take it from there.After the main point is established, it is time to start establishing the supporting points. These are the supporting points that make up the body of the essay. In the conclusion of the essay, the supporting points are the ones that are able to help a person build their own understanding of the ideas put forth in the main body of the essay. In short, it is the 'backbone' of the essay, because that is why the student started out with the first thing: to establish the main point.Just as the main body of the essay is formed of a thesi s statement and supporting points, the footnotes are forming the backbone of the essay, but they are essential to it as well. When there is no back bone, then the whole essay is flawed, right? Right. The footnotes are the back bones of the essay.Now that the thesis statement is formulated, the ideas that are put forth in the essay can be summarized and the main body can be developed in a more logical and structured manner. In the development of the structure of the essay, the points in the essay are brought together to form a thesis statement. As the main body is laid out, the supporting points are also put into place to lay the groundwork for the body.Once this groundwork is done, the body can be put together as a whole. And once the body is done, then the student will have the basis to start writing the footnotes to the essay. The footnotes are the next to support the work of the essay and to deepen their understanding of the ideas that the essay presented.When it comes to writing a thesis statement and supporting points in a text format, there are many different ways that theses can be written. It is really a matter of individual choice whether or not they want to use an essay format to write theses. However, if a student is going to make use of an essay format, theses will need to be written according to the format and it is crucial that the student chooses to do so.

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Poverty should be defined in multi-dimensional terms. Define, using Essay

Destitution ought to be characterized in multi-dimensional terms. Characterize, utilizing models from your more extensive perusing - Essay Example Alternately, there have been instances of neediness decrease is sure creating nations for instance, Ghana, Bolivia, Cambodia and Tanzania. This is great however, the battle against destitution is genuine and it will take the joint effort of the individuals, governments and worldwide associations to win it. Destitution has been to a great extent comprehended regarding pay as of not long ago. Being poor implied that an individual could only give an appropriate eating regimen at home. In any case, neediness is far in excess of a shortage of pay or nourishment accessibility. It is progressively about the forswearing of decisions and openings that are vital for one to lead an OK, wellbeing and long existence with confidence, regard and respect. Individuals just live in campgrounds, ghettos and in poor day to day environments since they have no other decision. Almost 50% of the world’s populace is looked by issues, for example, having scarcely any abilities to contend in the market, various medical issues and practically zero pay by any means. There are numerous parts of destitution that are between connected coming about to an endless loop (Bhalla 2002:79). At the end of the day, neediness is a multi-dimensional idea and a portion of its aspects include: I. Blunder of Resources The world is supplied with various assets as minerals, oil, and an enormous work power among numerous others (Chen and Ravallion, 2008:56). In many occurrences, assets are ineffectively overseen prompting wastages and this adds to expanding neediness levels. This is basic to creating nations, for example, South Sudan where there are steady battles about assets. It likewise involves the inconsistent dispersion of assets among various districts that contributes high destitution level. ii. Nourishment Mismanagement and Insecurity Food is a key requirement for human endurance and if not appropriately oversaw it could prompt craving among the populace (Ivanic and Martin, 2008). Nourishment security is foremost for the development and advancement of an economy since it guarantees that there is a consistent flexibly in any event, during droughts. Nourishment uncertainty is regular in most creating nations attributable to variances in climate examples and absence of fitting stockpiling components. iii. Unexpected weakness Disease and inability may obstruct people from working along these lines restricting their salary. In the event that the provider is sick, it implies that the whole family will be contrarily influenced. This not just means loss of salary and an expansion in costs because of the requirement for medicinal services. Different reasons for neediness include: war and uncertainty, the spread of HIV/AIDS, poor infrastructural and institutional turn of events and defilement (Department for International Development (DfID, 2009). This paper investigations neediness as a multi-faceted idea with respect to fumble of nourishment and assets. It further glances at the viewpoint of destitution by associations like the UN and World Bank. It likewise gives an inside and out investigation of the advancement made by nations towards the accomplishment of the MDGs. At last, the paper looks at a portion of the pointers of destitution levels including distinctive countries’ GDP and the human advancement list (HDI) Poverty from Mismanagement of Food and Security Thousands of individuals kick the bucket each day of yearning related causes as indicated by ongoing reports. Unfortunately, it is kids who pass on most every now and again yet there is a copious flexibly of nourishment for the world’

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Compare and Contrast Between Classical India and China Essay

CAC between India and China When analyzing cultural traditions and innovations, economic relationships, and social classifications and expectations during/between the periods of classical China and classical India. Classical China lasted from 2000 B.C.E - 600 C.E, while classical India lasted from 600 B.C.E – 600 C.E. There are quite a few similarities and differences between these two civilizations. With regards to cultural traditions and innovations both developed similar technologies in their period. Spoken language was introduced in China during the Zhou Dynasty. Also in India, Sanskrit was the language of educated people.. India and China were similar as agricultural societies. Both civilizations relied on a large peasant class,†¦show more content†¦The Gupta’s promoted Sanskrit, which became the language of educated people, but this, did not change the diversity of popular, regional languages. Both India and China were technologically advanced in their societies with new inventions and ideas. Economic relationships between classical China and India were similar and almost seemed to rely on one another. India was considered â€Å"the center of trade†. Most trade routes were all passing through and dependent on India. Indian emphasis on trade and merchant activity was far more than in China, and also greater in the classical Mediterranean world. During the Maurya rule, India expanded their trade between the main centers of civilization Eurasia and Africa. Some products produced at one end of the system, such as Chinese silks and porcelains, were carried the whole length of the trading networks to be sold at the other end of the routes, in Rome. As a result, China and India both had to work together and figure out a way to make sure and help each other because both civilizations depended on each other for different things. Social classifications and expectations between classical china and classical India were very similar to each other. Both classical China and classical India had what is called a caste system. A caste system is when a citizen is organized into a special group that determined everything from their job, to their political rights, to their religious beliefs, and who they would marry.Show MoreRelatedCompare/ Contrast Han China Mauryan/ Gupta India Essay601 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿ Compare/ Contrast Essay Intro: 1. Broad Analytical Statement: Almost all successful classical civilizations needed a strong political base in order to thrive. 2. Thesis: Although both Han China and Gupta India’s political control directly correlated to religion, they differed in the centralization of their government, and what members of society became rulers. 3. a) Religion – Han China’s political system was directly influenced by Confucianism, and India’s political system correlatedRead MoreCCOT And CC Essay1549 Words   |  7 PagesAfrica Compare and contrast life in foraging societies with life in agricultural societies after the Agricultural Revolution Identify two key changes in early African history that resulted in a new period in the history of the region The Middle East Analyze the political changes in the Middle East from the Agricultural Revolution to 600 c.e. Compare and contrast the basic features of TWO of the following religious systems prior to 600 c.e. Polytheism Judaism Christianity Asia Compare the originsRead MoreThe Main Features Of Egyptian And Mesopotamian Civilizations1364 Words   |  6 Pagesspecializations such as science and metalworking. Overall, agriculturally based societies made it easier to form larger and more advanced societies. Compare the main features of Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations. What did the two civilizations have in common as early civilizations? What were their main differences in values and organization? To compare Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations, one can look at their organization, academic achievements, and economic styles. In terms of organizationRead MoreWhat Was The Political Structure Of The Mayans From 600 Ce?1568 Words   |  7 Pagesestates that serfs or laborers worked on. The landlords in return provided protection of the people working on the land. Be able to find comparisons between the political systems in Western Europe and China from 1000 – 1300 CE. A major comparison among the two regions was that in Western Europe multiple monarchies were being developed, whereas China maintained a single empire, throughout this time period. Be able to describe characteristics of hunting and gathering. Was there widespread specializationRead MoreComparing And Contrasting Cultures Essay1417 Words   |  6 Pagesinclude North and South Korea, Japan and China. They are heavily influenced by religion, more so than the West. Western culture consists of European countries and those who are heavily populated because of immigrants this category includes Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America. A large percent of their population is made up of immigrants from other countries, including countries like England, France, Ireland and Iceland. Their roots go back to the classical period of the Greco-Roman Empire. ThisRead MoreWorld History AP8768 Words   |  36 Pagesparticularly from conquered peoples, offer a strong argument that they were destructive and oppressive. 4. Do you think that the classical empires hold â€Å"lessons† for the present, or are contemporary circumstances sufficiently unique as to render the distant past irrelevant? †¢ This question can be answered successfully from several perspectives, although in order to argue that the classical empires are irrelevant a student would have to address the arguments made in the Reflections section of the text. †¢ ARead MoreThe Book of Songs1621 Words   |  7 PagesThe Warring States period was a time of inner turmoil and widespread chaos in China, in which independent rebel warlords seized land and power in the absence of a centralized authority. There existed a desperate need for a solution to effectively stop the interregional conflicts and establish order in China, and in pursuit of that goal arose the Hundred Schools of Thought. The three primary schools that were conceived during this ideological flourishing were Confucianism, Taoism, and Legalism. TheRead MoreHistory Essay3334 Words   |  14 Pagessimilarities and differences in methods of political control in TWO of the following empires in the Classical period. †¢ Han China (206 B.C.E.–220 C.E.) †¢ Mauryan/Gupta India (320 B.C.E.–550 C.E.) †¢ Imperial Rome (31 B.C.E.–476 C.E.) Revised Question Analyze similarities and differences in techniques of imperial administration in TWO of the following empires. †¢ Han China (206 B.C.E.–220 C.E.) †¢ Mauryan/Gupta India (320 B.C.E.–550 C.E.) †¢ Imperial Rome (31 B.C.E.–476 C.E.) Rationale for Revision: ByRead MoreCompare and Contrast Semco to a ‘Classical Organisation’, I.E. One Which Has a Traditional Approach to Industrial Relations.2284 Words   |  10 Pages1.0 2.0 2.1 2.2 3.0 Introduction Semco and the Classical Theory- Similarities and Differences Similarities Differences Conclusion References 1.0 Introduction Organisation structure is more than boxes on a chart; it is a pattern of interactions and coordination that links the technology, tasks, and human components and accomplishes its purposes’ (Alajloni et al. 2010) â€Å"The purpose of work is not to make money. The purpose of work is to make the worker, whether working stiffs or top executivesRead MoreNorth Korean Economy : An Extreme Contrast From Post Civil War Economy2207 Words   |  9 PagesKorean economy is an extreme contrast from its post-civil war economy. It was then a backward and desolate economy relying primarily on agriculture as economic driver. It has limited natural resources with only about 30% arable land, considered by experts as the smallest in the world, which made sustaining the economy very difficult. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the early 1960s was reportedly below those of some Latin American and sub-Saharan African countries, India and even Haiti. Because

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Symptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder - 1289 Words

After class discussion, it became apparent that individuals with bipolar disorder (BD) can have occupations and can interact normally with others if the disorder is kept under control or manage by psychopharmacological interventions. The lability that can be seen during the manic episodes may be puzzling or irritating to those who are not familiar with the different signs and symptoms that a person may display during this phase. In view of the unpredictability or lability that individuals with BD may exhibit and the consequences of their behaviors, it is worthwhile to consult the literatures for more details about the disorder. Bipolar disorder is categorized into bipolar I, bipolar II, and cyclothymic based on the severity and manifestation of the disorder. Bipolar I according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition(DSM-5), is â€Å" A distinct period of abnormally persistently elevated, expansive, or irritable mood and abnormally and persistent ly increased activity or energy, lasting at least 1 week and present most of the day, nearly every day(or any duration if hospitalization is necessary), (2015). From the above description of bipolar I disorder, it is apparent that individuals experiencing manic episodes can utilize or burn most of their energy. Bipolar I is a mood disorder in which the individual exhibits at least one episode of mania alternating with major depression for at least one week. The manic episode may be accompany byShow MoreRelatedSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder706 Words   |  3 PagesBipolar disorder is a serious mental illness that is characterized by changes in mood. It can lead to risky behavior, damage relationships and careers, and even suicidal outcomes if it’s not treated. Bipolar disorder is more common in older teenagers and young adults, it can affect children as young as 6. Women experience more periods of depression than men. More remains to be learned about this condition that affects millions of people. Aretaeus of Cappadocia began the process of detailingRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder1454 Words   |  6 PagesOne of the greatly investigated neurological disorders is Bipolar Disorder. Regrettably, due to social stigma, funding issues, and a lack of education, many who are dealing with this disorder do not receive adequate treatment. Bipolar disorder, is also known as manic-depressive illness, it is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, and the ability to carry out normal daily tasks. Symptoms of the disorder are severe and diverse from the normal ups and downs that everyone goesRead MoreBipolar Disorder : Symptoms And Symptoms1486 Words   |  6 Pagespeople may think that having bipolar disorder means that anyone with the disorder are just simply put, â€Å"crazy†, I was one of those people but the meanings of those two things couldn’t possibly be any more different. Bipolar disorder is defined as â€Å"A disorder ass ociated with episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs.†( â€Å"Bipolar disorder is a chronic illness with recurring episodes of mania and depression†( â€Å"The term â€Å"bipolar† — which means â€Å"two poles† signifyingRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder1020 Words   |  5 PagesBipolar disorder, formally known as ‘manic depression’, is known for its extreme mood swings; these can last anything from weeks to months and are far more extreme than moods most people would experience. Mood swings include episodes of highs and lows; these are known as mania and depressive episodes. Bipolar is a disorder that affects men and woman equally and affects around 1 in 100 adults. Symptoms usually start during or after adolescents and rarely start after the age of 40 (Royal CollegeRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder1648 Words   |  7 PagesBisecting Bipolar Disorde r Introduction and Background Overview 3.9% of adults in the United States are suffering from bipolar disorder as of 2014 according to the National Institute of Mental Health (Jann, 2014). Although rare, it is still a prevalent disease in the realm of mental health and requires special attention from healthcare providers. Bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition described by repeated manic or depressive episodes. Furthermore, due to the extreme mood swings and emotionalRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder Essay1278 Words   |  6 Pages1 HelenKeller541 Physiology October 26, 2016 Abstract: Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder; also referred to as manic depressive disorder according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V, 2013). Bipolar disorder is a depressive disorder with manic episodes, it is placed between the chapters on schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders in recognition of their place as a bridge between the two diagnostics in terms of symptomology, family historyRead MoreBipolar Disorder : Symptoms And Symptoms Essay1384 Words   |  6 PagesBipolar disorder is simply defined as a manic depressive illness, which affects a persons mood and energy. However, the way it affects a person’s mood is dramatic and severe. These are severe moods are called episodes of mania and depression, which means a person who suffers from bipolar disorder might be extremely excited and happy one day, and extremely depressed the next day. In some cases, depressive or manic episodes last weeks, and in some cases these episodes last days. People who suffer fromRead MoreBipolar Disorder : Symptoms And Symptoms1493 Words   |  6 PagesRorman Ms. Chrisman English 10 30 November 2016 Bipolar Disorder If people don’t get enough sleep and miss a meeting, they are just upset, but for people with bipolar disorder, it can trigger another episode to their week. Bipolar Disorder is a brain disorder that can cause shifts in people s mood that are more unusual. Signs and symptoms can be different depending on if the person has manic or depressive episodes. A person with the disorder can also give their family and friends struggles, asideRead MoreBipolar Disorder : Symptoms And Symptoms1390 Words   |  6 Pagesresearch of bipolar disorder will not only describe in detail the symptoms and affects of this mood disorder, but it will also include the advantages, disadvantages of the treatment and medications, and the major role that medications take. Bipolar disorder involves periods of elevated or irritable mood (mania), alternating with episodes of depression (Moore and Jefferson, 2004). The â€Å"mood swings† of mania and depression are very sudden and can happen at anytime any place. Bipolar disorder is categorizedRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder1700 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Bipolar disorders, also known as manic depression, are mental disorders characterized by shifting moods between depression and mania (Bressert, 2016). Those with a bipolar disorder, have extreme emotional states called mood periods. In the United States, more than 10 million people have bipolar disorder (Kennedy, 2015). It is lifelong, but can be treated. Although it can easily be treated, once patients choose to stop taking their medication their symptoms worsen. Around 15 percent

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Planning For My Senior Year Of College - 1496 Words

Planning for my senior year of college is one thing. Planning for my life after graduation is another story. I have no idea where my life will take me, so formulating a plan is challenging. No matter where I end up, I will be able to apply the skills I have learned into my professional role. In my role, I hope to give a presentation to my bosses lead a team meeting, and create an action plan. College has given me a lot of experience with giving presentations. I have been able to give them to one person or a large group of people. The more experience I have with them, the easier they become. I enjoy watching Ted Talks, as well as famous speeches because the people giving them are so eloquent and well spoken, and I aspire to be like them one day. Matthew McConaughey’s character in We Are Marshall gave a very inspiring speech towards the end of the movie. He motivated and inspired his team, both of which are feelings leaders should instill in all their team members. I will seek out opportunities to do so, such as giving a presentation of what I have leanred within my first year on the job. It seems simple, but it will give me a purpose to give one. Being able to give a presentation in a professional setting seems very daunting, and being able to give one within my first two years out of college will help this task seem less intimidating. Doing it earlier on i n my career will give me a chance to receive feedback so I can improve on future presentations I will beShow MoreRelatedMy Dreams Are Out There, Go Get Them1355 Words   |  6 Pagesfemale student stated, â€Å"If I go to college, I will be the first one in my family to go. It’s a sense of pride and honor that I’m gaining by going. College should be the pathway that all students take†. Going to college, getting a future education, and becoming a more knowledgeable person should be the desires of all high school seniors in today’s society. Methods/ Field Research Students Views on Future Education Four interviews were taken from four high school seniors at Green River High School in NovemberRead MoreThe Does Not Really Exist, But It Does Apply College Admissions?903 Words   |  4 Pagesbut it does apply to college admissions. It is important to remember that everything that is done in high school will be seen for college admissions. Colleges are vague when discussing what they want from an applicant. They discuss what they are looking for, however, they do not get into the specifics or give examples of top applicants. To get into a desirable college, one must read constantly, follow a passion consistently, and plan time methodically; doing so will show colleges that a student hasRead MoreThe Gap Year1052 Words   |  5 PagesThe Gap Year As a senior in high school did you ever stress about your future? Making plans for college? A way to relieve stress could be to take a gap year. The life of the average senior consist of planning for college, by taking a year off you can manage and make money, relieve some stress and it gives you the opportunity to travel before settling down before college. This is not uncommon to a lot of senior graduates. They see it as a way to relax and mentally prepare themselves for the futureRead MoreThe College Success Course646 Words   |  3 Pagesgo to college but the lack of higher education affects the entire community as a whole. Without a bachelor’s degree, students are less likely to be employed, more likely to live in poverty, and are less active citizens of their community. Students with a low level of education are also more likely of welfare dependency and crime. In order to raise the 12% college educated citizens in Bogalusa, high school juniors and seniors of Bogalu sa High School should be required to complete a college successRead MoreThe Road Not Taken By Robert Frost973 Words   |  4 Pagessometimes life changing. My challenging decision took me down a rocky path my senior year deciding a career. There are numerous careers and colleges to choose from; however, a student can only choose one. Unlike the majority of my classmates, my career ideas switched, what seemed like, every month. The beginning of my senior year I had a full ride scholarship to Cowley County Community College, but I was already dead set on attending Wichita State to be a nurse, following in my mother’s footsteps. AfterRead MoreMy Campaign For A Senior Executive Service1750 Words   |  7 PagesMy primary short-term academic goal is to earn my Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Event and Meeting Planning before the end of 2016. My short-term plan includes reducing and eliminating the academic tuition cost from out of my pocket by obtaining scholarships, grants and tuition assistance from my employer and sponsors. Further, I plan to reduce the time required to obtain the degree, to quickly have the necessary skills and education to jump-startRead MoreI m Spent The Best $ 400 Of My Life Essay1181 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"I just spent the best $400 of my life.† In May of 2016, I, as just a high school student, became a college s tudent, with just the click of a button. Pressing that small button online to accept my offer to attend Purdue lifted the burden that was pressing down on me. In life there are big decisions and small decisions. Choosing what shoes to wear, whether to take the bus or just walk, and what to get to eat are small choices; they matter in the present, but usually have no long-lasting impactsRead MoreMy Lifelong Goals Essay684 Words   |  3 Pagesgoals. I remember starting High School and my teachers asking me what my goals were. I always answered with â€Å"to get all A’s in my classes† or â€Å"to do well in school.† To this day I still have many goals for myself and have achieved some of the ones i’ve made. I have completed up to High School level, and not failed a single class, which is one of the goals I made for myself when I entered HIgh School. I didn’t want to fail because that would appear on my transcript and make completing High SchoolRead MoreCareer Development And Planning Serves Five Essential Purpose1331 Words   |  6 PagesAfter discussing future’s plan with Amanda, she discussed he r future plans of becoming Human Resources Director in ten years. Career development and planning serves five essential purpose: encourage, develop new skills, alleviate plateauing, satisfy employment, and increase employment. My ultimate goal when developing a model a career planning for Amanda, I would want to use the Waterloo University Model. I would want to model each essential factors of the key points stages. These stages includeRead MoreAn Analysis On Financial Struggles1122 Words   |  5 PagesCollege Admissions: An Analysis on Financial Struggles As inflation in the United States continues to rise, as does the cost of many things, specifically college fees. In a world such as the one we live in today, it is extremely hard to attain a successful career without a college degree. Although, one may end up spending their entire life trying to pay off their college debts in order to get a degree. While the knowledge and skills attained during college are extremely beneficial later on in life

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Use Of Information Sources Kellogg Company - Free Sample Solution

Question: Submit the Company's Use of Information Sources assignment. The current business environment provides a plethora of information resources that are essential for companies to develop to understand and reach their customers. In this assignment, you will provide an overview of how your selected company uses these information resources to build their marketing decision support systems and customer relationship management (CRM) environment. Answer: In the current competitive world, a company and their business cannot survive without adequate information. Therefore, it is important for the companies to collect valuable information for their businesses and most of the leading companies such as Kellogg Company have already started collecting useful information for their business. There are various significances of collecting business information. Mainly, the business information is collected for supporting the marketing decision support systems (MDSS) and for strengthening the customer relationship management (CRM). The marketing decision support systems (MDSS) is essential for the modern day companies to take any marketing decisions based upon the coordination of collected systems, techniques and data supported by many advanced tools and technologies (Guelman, Guilln Prez-Marn, 2015). In general, the concept is to gather data or information from various sources such as journals, surveys, audits for making effective marketing decisions. Similarly, CRM or the customer relationship management is also one of the most important aspects of the modern businesses that imply the management or organizational approach towards their customers in terms of marketing, sales, customers support and technical services (Gunasekaran Sandhu, 2010). In case of CRM, it is also important to collect information from various sources regarding the customers to designs, implement and to operate the CRM systems effectively. However, the most important thing is to gather and to consider the sources of the information, which must be valid and reliable for the company. In case of marketing decisions support system, Kellogg Company considers the company accounts, stock analysis, internal report, retail data as internal information sources and government statistics, commercial data, trade publications, surveys, research documents such as publications, journals as the external sources of information. The company various software made using advanced technologies for managing their marketing decisions support systems. As per the software used by Kellogg Company, there is a central marketing information system that has the functionally to upload and to download marketing data including various other advanced features such as marketing intelligence and decisions support analysis. Within the system, there is central database, where the marketing managers and the employees store all the marketing and sales data of Kellogg Company (, 2015). The key motive of that system is to develop information based upon the internal records stored by the marketing personnel, marketing research, marketing decisions support analysis and marketing intelligence. The marketing managers of Kellogg Company are using the records inside the system for analyzing, planning, implementing and controlling the marketing strategies. Additionally, the managers not only access information from the database, they also share or distribute and upload the data regarding the implementation and outcome of the marketing strategies (Khodakarami Chan, 2014). The marketing information are consisted with the components of the marketing environment such as the regarding test markets, competitors, customers, marketing channels, macro-environmental forces. These information resources are useful for making marketing related decisions as the statistical, analytical and business intelligence tools and techniques implemented within the marketing information system hel ps to evaluate useful, valid and reliable outcome. Kellogg Company is managing their customer relationship management (CRM) using various software such as Salesforce and their internal CRM tools and technologies. The information resources collected by the company and their CRM systems help generating leads that are mostly valid, reliable and are generating both sales and profit for the company. Therefore, the appropriate usage of information resources with the CRM system helps saving valuable energy and resources in terms of both money and workforce. Kellogg Company is using and is storing all the information resources regarding their customers within their CRM system for further analyzing (La Yi, 2015). The company is using their information resources in a way that it also enabling their system to generate more referrals from their existing customers. In addition, the company is considering the feedbacks of their customers as one of the most useful information resources, which is helping the company to improve their products based upon the outcome and analysis of their CRM system. The main purpose of implementing and controlling the CRM system is to enhance the sales, sales productivity and to increase the accuracy of their forecasts. The company is supporting their CRM systems with the information resources obtained through various sources for evaluating reliable and valid outcome. The company has implemented advanced technologies within their organizational environment to help their employees and staff to access their CRM system from anywhere to upload and download customer related data to enhance the operational efficiency and business performance (Shaji, 2015). Reference List Guelman, L., Guillan, M., Prez-Marn, A. (2015). A decision support framework to implement optimal personalized marketing interventions. Decision Support Systems, 72, 24-32. doi:10.1016/j.dss.2015.01.010 Gunasekaran, A., Sandhu, M. (2010). Handbook on business information systems. Singapore: World Scientific Khodakarami, F., Chan, Y. (2014). Exploring the role of customer relationship management (CRM) systems in customer knowledge creation. Information Management, 51(1), 27-42. doi:10.1016/ La, S., Yi, Y. (2015). A Critical Review of Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty, Relationship Marketing, and Customer Relationship Management. Korean Marketing Review, 30(1), 53. doi:10.15830/kmr.2015.30.1.53 Shaji, S. (2015). Business and Information Technology Confederacy for Customer Relationship. IBMRD's Journal Of Management Research, 4(1), 41. doi:10.17697/ibmrd/2015/v4i1/6034,. (2015). Kellogg Company - Investor Relations - Business Information - Leadership Team. Retrieved 8 June 2015, from